Zaza Pirtskhelava

Chief Executive Officer

Zaza Pirtskhelava is the General Director of JSC Credo Bank since 2014. In 1992 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Economic Statistics. After that he continued to get an education in Free University  Business School ESM and in 2004 he became a Master of Financial Management. Zaza graduated from Harvard Business School's 2012 General Management Program (GMP). He has also successfully completed more than 25 training courses in business, finance, banking and general management in Georgia and Europe.

In 1994, he started his career as an expert in the financial analysis department of JSC "Ponto-Polis" Bank. From 1997 he was an expert in the credit department of JSC "IntellectBank". In 2002 - 2003, he took up the position of Head of Financial Analysis and Planning Department of "IntellectBank".

In 2003 he joined Credo's team as Operations Management Director. Since 2013, he has been the Deputy Executive Director's duties and responsibilities. Due to successful activities, Zaza Pirtskhelava is headed by one of the leading organizations in the Georgian financial sector - JSC "Credo Bank" and is Director-General from 2014 to present.

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Zaza Tkeshelashvili

Chief Operating Officer

Zaza Tkeshelashvili is the Credit Operations Director of Credo Bank. In 1997 he completed the Faculty of Finances and Credits of Tbilisi State University and in 2015 he became Master of Free University ESM Business School. Zaza has undergone a number of training courses in management, risk management, business administration and agro financing, both in Georgia and in Europe.

Zaza's career began in 2000, from the position of credit officer in World Vision International's. With his Successful work, he became the best credit officer. In 2003-2006 he held the position of the Loan Manager in Vision Fund. His career has moved to the new stage since 2007 when he became the Project Manager of "Triquest International Group". During the work in Credo, Zaza successfully completed several important steps - Branch Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Deputy Operations Manager.

Since 2014 Zaza Tkeshelashvili is the director of Credit Operations and board member

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Irakli Zatiashvili

Chief Finance Officer

Irakli joined the position of Financial Director in 2017.  His working experience in the banking industry counts 17 tireless years. Before joining to Credo Bank's management board Irakli was chaired by the First Division of National Bank Supervision in 2015-2016, where he was actively overseeing the operations of companies in the business group of the Bank of Georgia.

In 2014-2015 he was appointed Executive Director in the Holding Company Agro Business Group. Prior to 2011 -2014, he was the financial director of ProCredit Bank and a member of the Management Board. Prior to 2012 was the executive director of "ProCredit Proof of LLC", where he actively participated in the company's assets management. From 2008 to 2011, ProCredit Bank held a high-level managerial position in financial direction.

Irakli Zatiashvili has received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (ESM) in 2002. In 2008-2009 he had a 1-year program in ProCredit Holding Management in Macedonia. In 2010-2012, he has undertaken a 3-year program in ProCredit Holding Management in Germany. In 2016 he has undergone macroeconomic and financial stability programs in Austria in the International Monetary Fund.

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