Every day we spend GEL 30 or more on food, personal consumption or services. In some cases, this money is just a spending and nothing more. A partnership between Credo Bank and MasterCard allows you to convert these expenditures into much more valuable gifts.

Pay an amount with a card Credo Bank MasterCard and join a promotion!

Promotion terms are the following:

  • The promotion lasts for 3 months - from 15 July until 15 October
  • For participation in the promotion, it is sufficient to spend GEL 30 or more on a single transaction - both in online purchases and paying via local POS terminals
  • 10 winner users will be announced on 20 October

Note: transactions related to the gambling business are not included in the drawing


The winners of the promotion will be awarded the pleasant gifts:

  • For those who drive frequently and automatically convert a currency into a fuel - fuel with a value of GEL 250 (petrol/diesel)
  • Credo Bank always supports an agriculture sector, and one of the awards is the GEL 250 voucher in the agricultural store Borun Agro.
  • We all need a pharmacy service, therefore, the GEL 250 voucher in GPC chain is also included in the list of our awards.
  • ICI PARIS GEL 250 voucher is for those who prefer perfumery products.

You have a chance to use an up-to-date and flexible bank card, internet bank and mobile app, make simple and safe daily transactions by using the plastic card and get your desirable prizes.

Making card transactions through Credo Bank’s card will be even easier through Apple Pay.

Join us at Credo Bank, we always have interesting promotions!