After the emergent situation, following the viral infection, the lifestyle of our society has changed drastically - daily behaviours have been transformed, each of our action has been taken with caution. You may be well aware our older generation is one of the most critical and high risk groups in Georgia. Given the current situation, we would like to contribute to the well-being of these people, we want to take care of their health and at least slightly alleviate the difficult situation caused by Covid-19.

Credo Bank has decided to support its elderly clients, who are in the highest risk group in terms of infection and within the framework of social responsibility campaign, in partnership with the insurance company Imedi L, to give each client, who is 71 years and older, a unique service - "Insurance and More.“ All those who are given "Insurance and more" as a gift will be able to obtain up to 50% discount on the following services in prestigious, experienced medical institutions and 20% discount on prescribed medicines:

  • Scheduled outpatient services;
  • Personal physician services 12 visits per year;
  • Medicines;
  • Emergency and scheduled dental services;

It does not make difference if our clients have universal insurance, they will still be able to use this service. Also, in case of using "Insurance and More", the status of the socially vulnerable (if any) shall not be withdrawn. In the standard case, the service “Insurance and More” can be obtained at Credo Bank. 

Take care of each other.
We stand by you!

With love,

Credo Bank