Cheap Agrobusiness Loan

Preferential Agrocredit is a joint project of Credo Bank and Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA). The loan is intended for individuals who run agricultural business in the rural or urban areas.

The purpose of the loan is to acquire the basic means, to create new agricultural enterprises, to expand the existing enterprises, to modernize and/or to Finance the existing works

  • Seasonal repayment frequency, customized by user revenues and desires
  • Long-term grace period up to 22 months, in case of cultivation of new crops
  • A quick and easy procedure of borrowing
  • Loan currency - GEL
  • Loan sum - from ₾7000 for hardware purchases; for essential supplies from ₾20000;
  • Loan length - up to 84 months
  • Grace period - up to 11 months (up to 23 months for startup loans)
  • Interest rate - from 13.5% (effective interest rate from 14.7%); 11% of the interest rate is subsidized by the state
  • For a full list of sectors, please visit the link
Payment frequency

Payment scheme can be adjusted depending on the client’s nature of income, can be monthly as well as seasonal.