Installment card

The installment card is a plastic card with a pre-approved credit limit through which card holder can purchase  goods like equipment, furniture, household items, products, fuel, agricultural machinery and other materials with installment, in a wide network of Credo Bank's partner stores. It is also possible to withdraw money at Credo Bank service centers.

Making card transactions through Credo Bank’s card will be even easier through Apple Pay.


Purchases that can be made through the Installment Card are as follows
  • Seeds and planting materials
  • Fertilizers
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Veterinary vaccines and medications
  • Greenhouse polyethylene
  • Agricultural equipment, tools and other means necessary for agricultural activities
  • Household appliances and audio-video equipment
  • Computer hardware
  • Furniture
  • Parts of the vehicle and mechanized equipment
  • Get an ophthalmologist consultant or buy the preferable sun or eye glasses in the network of Ronicco and Kenary stores
  • Get quick consultation and buy the desired medicines in the partner pharmacy network
  • Buy the desired type of fuel at CREDOs partner gas stations
  • Relax in Georgia's resorts in Credo's partner hotels
Our benefits
  • Card issuance - free of charge
  • Buying items by installment, instantly, without any procedure
  • Monthly or flexible repayment schedule that is customized to customers needs
  • The activated card will not generate any expenses before use