Visa Platinum Card

Visa Platinum Card is a high-class plastic card that allows users to use premium class services and individual credit limits throughout the world.


The card includes privileged services and special rates of banking products:

  • High limit of withdrawal and spending
  • Low commission fees for withdrawals abroad
  • Concierge service - comfortable service for finding the necessary information for user, plan a trip, send a gift to a friend abroad and for other purposes
  • Exclusive offers and cashback promotions
  • Lounge Key - using lounges in almost all airports through the world and 3 free visits per year.


See detailed information using the link Concierge Service Visa


The Visa Platinum card is designed for Credo’s special clients (Rcheuli) and can be ordered through personal Banker.


We would like to remind you that card transactions with Credo Bank's Visa Platinum card are even easier through Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Become Credo Bank’s Rcheuli client and get a new status with special opportunities.


Card terms and conditions
Card Insurance

Instantly activate the card insurance service and protect yourself from losses due to unauthorized transactions!