What is the Kalo platform and what it aims for?


Kalo.ge is an online platform designed for Georgian farmers and it is the first mobile application of such.

Lack of access to modern technologies and agro machinery, insufficient agro and veterinary services, ineffective unions of farmers – are just few obstacles within the field, which are faced by a farmer in Georgia. Due to low indicator of productivity, harvesting and fertility, farmers are unable to aggregate capital and ensure reinvestment.

“Kalo” aims at assisting farmers to face the above-mentioned challenges and open up possibilities of modern agricultural development into Georgia.

Our company offers yet another innovative product – “Agro Adviser on a Visit”, which aims at providing you with the Kalo’s agronomist consultation at your own household; also, you may receive an instant online consultation from an experienced agro experts.

  • You are in charge of choosing number of agronomist’s visits;
  • Each agricultural crop will be observed at your agricultural site;
  • Agronomist will develop an annual plan and ensure periodical oversight, as well as amending the latter as required.

Meanwhile, you may provide agronomist with photo/video footage depicting the problem, that will be followed with an instant consultation, which will take place distantly if applicable.

Purchase your package with the Credo Bank’s 12-months installment, and without any additional costs.

Gain a reliable and convenient service for the period of 1 year!

You may select your desired agricultural machinery or tools at the platform’s web-site and enjoy the best terms for an installment.