Unlimited access to the amounts, placed on the saving account – at any time it is possible to add or withdraw amounts to/from the Saving account

  • Deposit currency - GEL, USD, EUR;
  • Minimum deposit amount at opening - 10 units (GEL, USD, EUR);
  • Mandatory monthly installment - not required;
  • Mandatory minimum balance - not required;
  • Interest accrued - on funds stored for a month (on a balance of min.10, max. 100 000 units);
  • Interest withdrawal - end of calendar month;
  • Interest withdrawal accounts:
    • Current account
    • Saving account

From January 1st, 2018, the Bank is a member of a deposit insurance system established in Georgia in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance System, whereas in case of insurance event, each individual depositor is entitled to receive a compensation from the Deposit Insurance Agency, within the limit of 15,000 GEL. The amount above the limit shall be compensated as provided under the effective legislation of Georgia.

For more information on deposit insurance system, visit web site at:

Interest Rate GEL USD EUR
NOMINAL 7.25% 0.50% 0.10%
effective % interest (with capitalization) 7.76% 0.50% 0.10%
effective % interest (with realization) 7.50% 0.50% 0.10%

Effective interest rate calculation - minimum deposit balance over 12 months.