Credit card VISA

A credit card is an ideal tool to cover your unforeseen necessitities and unscheduled expenditures, the limit is always available for you and you are able to use that at any time.


You may make the following actions through your credit card:

  • Wire payment in all local and international outlets or stores as well as through internet;
  • Manage the money enrolled to your account through internet and mobile bank;
  • Receive cash through local and international banks and ATM.


To get a VISA credit card, fill in the application form.

  • Permanent available amount of money at your account;
  • Credit % usage full, graceful term makes up 55 days;
  • Interest rate accrual on the spent money only, after expiry of the graceful term only
  • Commission fee for withdrawing the amount above the credit limit on the Credit Card account from CREDO BANK’s ATMs – 0%
the card terms
security mechanism

For a purpose of customers interests protection,  Credo Bank introduced a new security mechanism – risks monitoring program, which provides monitoring of the questionable operations implemented through Credo Bank cards and POS terminals.  The program is intended for such operations identification, which may be not by holder of a card, but by another person. Therefore, if you fail to accomplish an operation successfully when using your card, in order to annul a restriction please get in touch with Credo Bank information centre *4242 or visit the nearest service centre.