Digital card

A digital card is a digital analogue of a plastic card and has all the functions that a debit card has. By using this card, it is possible to pay money in shopping centers, on POS terminals and in electronic commerce. In addition, with this card, it is possible to dispose of the amount on the current account.

Besides, the card can be ordered free of charge via the Internet Bank and Mobile Bank Mycredo.

Carrying out card transactions with a CREDO BANK card is now even easier through Apple Pay.


Add any Credo Bank card to the Google/Apple Pay e-wallet and pay more easily at desired facilities or on the Internet. Travel by public transport for 1 GEL.


Security Mechanism

In order to protect the interests of clients, CREDO BANK has introduced a new security mechanism – Risk Monitoring Program, which ensures monitoring of suspicious operations related to CREDO BANK cards and POS terminals. The program aims at detected the operations that may have been carried out not by the card holder but another person. Accordingly, if the operation cannot be completed successfully while using the card, please contact the CREDO BANK Information Center *4242 or the nearest service center to remove the restrictions.

Digital card terms