Property insurance

Property insurance is intended for those who want to insure the real estate they own or occupy, including repairs, interior and exterior finishes, framing, and third-party liability insurance.


Insuring your property will protect you from unexpected expenses that cannot be predicted or determined in advance.


Don't delay; insure your apartment, house, commercial space, or country house and enjoy peace of mind!

What kind of property can be insured?
  • Buildings – constructed buildings;
  • Flat, office, workshop;
  • Machinery-equipment, manufacturing-technical amenities, production inventory;
  • Electric machinery;
  • Daily amenities, furniture and etc.;
  • Interior item, design;
  • Window glasses, mirrors, and glass gliding;
  • Production, goods, storage, and other good-material valuables.
  • A universal package, which enables insurance of any risk associated with the immovable property;
  • Insurance packages tailored to customers’ needs;
  • Possibility for purchasing an insurance package with an installment;
  • Flexible payment schedule, with an individual grace period.