Property insurance

Insurance of the property has been designed for those, who desire to insure the property under their ownership or underuse, such as renovation, internal/external renovation, carcass, and liabilities toward the third party.

An insured property will protect you from unexpected expenditures, which cannot be projected and foreseen in advance.

Insure your apartment, commercial space, or countryside home in a simple manner, as a result, remain calm and secure throughout the insurance period.

What kind of property can be insured?
  • Buildings – constructed buildings;
  • Flat, office, workshop;
  • Machinery-equipment, manufacturing-technical amenities, production inventory;
  • Electric machinery;
  • Daily amenities, furniture and etc.;
  • Interior item, design;
  • Window glasses, mirrors, and glass gliding;
  • Production, goods, storage, and other good-material valuables.
  • A universal package, which enables insurance of any risk associated with the immovable property;
  • Insurance packages tailored to customers’ needs;
  • Possibility for purchasing an insurance package with an installment;
  • Flexible payment schedule, with an individual grace period.