Travel Installment

Experience the joy of escaping the mundane routine through the wonders of travel! Unforgettable impressions await you, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Credo Bank offers a completely new installment payment platform -, where you can:

Online Agro Installment

Online Agro Installment for people engaged in agro activities. 

Online installment

Credo Bank gives you the possibility to buy a large number of household appliances and items in the wide network of Credo Bank's partner online stores

Cheap agro installment

Cheap Agro installment is intended for individuals who have rural business in the village or in the city

Consumer Installment

Credo Bank's consumer installment plan offers you the opportunity to purchase the equipment, furniture, or household items you desire, with installment through a wide network of partner stores.

Agro installment

Agricultural materials and equipment with the best conditions of CREDO Bank’s payment by installments!