Loan to improve your credit history

The unique chance from CREDO Bank. To remedy the credit history spoiled due to the non-payment of the credit liability or the unsuccessful guarantee in the past, receive a loan and commence everything from the beginning!

If banks and credit organizations refrain from your funding, you are rejected of receiving a loan or payment by installments, with the help of CREDO Bank you can pay the existing liabilities, receive the additional amount and improve your credit history by timely payment of the loan.

As soon as the loan is approved, your credit status is changed in an instant and is improving and improving after each payment specified in the schedule.

What is more important, you can simply get a loan on the basis of any kind of income, no matter you have full or partial take-home income or it is deposited to your account.

Terms and Conditions
  • Loan currency – GEL
  • Loan period - up to 60 months
  • Grace period – up to 3 months