Loan to improve your credit history

Seize a unique opportunity from Credo Bank to rehabilitate your credit history, previously impacted by missed payments or defaulted guarantees!

If you've found yourself being turned away by banks or financial institutions, or you've hesitated to pursue a loan or installment plan when needed, Credo Bank offers a solution. With our support, you can settle existing debts, access additional funds, and progressively enhance your credit score by adhering to timely loan repayments.

Upon loan approval, your credit status immediately begins to improve, with continued enhancement following each scheduled payment.

Crucially, our loan approval process is inclusive, accommodating any form of income. Whether your income is partial, full, or bank-deposited, it will not hinder your ability to secure a loan.

Discover the pathway to financial recovery and empowerment with Credo Bank, where your financial past does not dictate your future possibilities.

Terms and Conditions
  • Annual interest rate: from 17%
    Effective interest rate: from 23.75%
    Loan amount: from 500 GEL to 40,000 GEL
    Term: 4 - 60 months
    Loan issuing commission: from 9%
    Loan monitoring fee: from 0.5 GEL
    Insurance commission: from 0%
    Current account monthly service fee: 1 GEL