Debit Card Mastercard for Emigrants

CREDO Bank continuously takes care of satisfying its clients, and this time it offers the special opportunity to emigrants!

It is frequent when the amount saved is not purposefully disposed of, you are not able to save money, you are put in danger with losing money or being robbed. CREDO Bank offers you the special service package for insuring the above mentioned risks.

  • Open a personal account in CREDO Bank remotely, using Mycredo – Internet and mobile bank.
  • Carry out the desired bank operations independently.
  • Order online – on Mycredo – a Georgian plastic card designed specially for you and receive it through the delivery system.
    The card can be delivered both abroad and in Georgia to the person’s address indicated by you, as the result of which it can be online added to the mobile wallet or be sent to you via the personal remittance by the third person.
  • Carry out local card transactions safely.
  • Obtain cash from international ATMs.
  • Open a deposit and save money for specific purpose, receive additional interest.
  • Deposit money on the personal account in the form of money order.

Make money order on your own name as you sent it to your relatives and cash it via Internet bank on your personal account. The amount will instantly be deposited on your balance.



MasterCard Debit Card - Emigrant
Currency GEL / USD / EUR
Service fee
Card service fee (One-time fee), if purchased in the Branch 0 GEL
Card cost in case of purchasing online banking (MyCredo) with delivery service in Georgia 15 GEL
Courier service of the card in case of purchasing online banking (MyCredo) with overseas delivery service 179 GEL
Card recovery (in case of loss, damage) with delivery service in Georgia 15 GEL
Card recovery (in case of loss, damage) with overseas delivery service 179 GEL
Card validity period 4 Year
Daily withdrawal limits
Credo Bank service centers Unlimited
Credo Bank ATM’s 10 000 GEL (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
UFC network Banks ATM’s
UFC network Banks service centers
Other bank ATM’s
Other bank service center
Purchase Limit 20 000 GEL (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
Operation Limit without using PIN Code 100 GEL
Stop list (Card Blocking)
Local stop list Unlimited
International Stop list 50 USD (Weekly, Per Region)
Payment fee in merchants
International merchants Free
Local merchants Free
Internet Free
Cash withdrawal fee
Credo Bank Service Centers (in case of performing the operation by card) 0.6% of the amount (min 0.5 GEL)
Other Banks service center 3% of the amount (min 8 GEL/ 4 USD / 4 EUR)
Credo Bank ATM’s GEL - Free; USD - 0.3% (min 0.5 USD);
UFC network Banks ATM’s (TBC, Halyk) GEL - 0.2% min. 0.50 GEL ;
USD/EUR -0.5% (min 0.5 USD/EUR);
Other Banks ATM’s 2.5% of the amount (min 7 GEL / 3 USD / 3 EUR);
Other Banks ATM’s (Abroad) 3.5 % of the amount (min 12 GEL / 5 USD / 5 EUR);
International Chargeback
International Chargeback fee free
Card Accounts Protection
Access to high risk merchants according to customer request
3D Secure service free
Payments in Public Transport (travel fee payment via Pos Terminal)
Metro, Buses and cable car (Tbilisi City Municipality) free
Additional Services
Pin Code change (ATM) free
Pin Code recovery free