To make an SMS application from mobile phone

send SMS to 91000.

To make an SMS application from someone else's mobile phone

After Cr type space and then type your personal mobile phone number and send it to 91000.

In a few minutes, on a mobile phone from which you send an SMS

you will receive an SMS confirmation about receiving your application.

Do not turn off your personal mobile phone.

During the working day, credo operator, which will guide you all the procedures.

Instruction for SMS Application
SMS Services

Utilize Credo Bank's SMS service to get the information you want without visiting the service center!

Interactive SMS

Send the desired code to the number - 90191

  • Request to receive marketing offers - Ads xxxxxx (mobile number) in response to the received message 1
  • Consent to the processing of personal data in order to receive offers tailored to you - 1
  • Refusal to process personal data and receive marketing offers - NO

Send the desired code to Credo Bank at 91000 from your authorized number

  • Enable SMS service - Yes
  • Understanding the nearest payment date and amount - Pay
  • The amount of principal amount remaining on the loan - Bal
  • Remaining balance on credit card - Lim
  • Specifying the last paid amount and payment date with the fast payment device - Cek
  • Getting information about the current account balance - Nas
  • Getting information about the amount of money placed on deposits - Dep
  • Viewing the current exchange rate of the currency - Rate

Authorization of the number or change of the authorized number is possible in the service center of Credo Bank, from the call center *4242


Informational SMS

Credo Bank's SMS service also provides the following information:

  • Two days before the payment, receive notification of the amount due and the payment date
  • Receive proof of monthly payment
  • Receive proof of payment in advance of any obligations
  • Get notified upon depositing money into the account
  • Receive notification upon withdrawal or transfer of funds from the account
  • Receive notification of money transfer between accounts
  • Receive notice of accrued interest on the deposit
  • Receive notification of deposit expiration
  • Get notified of deposit closure
  • Receive notification of deposit violation


In addition to the above, the SMS service will inform you about any Credo Bank news, promotions or other changes/offers useful to you.

keep in mind, you can specify all the above details through Mycredo Internet and Mobile Bank.

How can I make an application from the call center

In order to make a loan or installment through a call or if you have some questions or recommendation for us, you should call in Credo Bank renovated telephone center to the number: 032 2 42 42 42

If required, you will be redirected to Credo's branches or head office and create a new application.