Salary Overdraft

Credo Bank offers customers a salary overdraft service.

Overdraft allows you to always have an additional amount limit on your account, which does not incur any costs before you use it, and you can use it at any time, for your own purposes.

  • You will be able to use the approved limit instantly
  • Accrued interest will be calculated with an accuracy of a day

If you receive a salary in cash or an account with another bank, Credo Bank gives you the opportunity to use an overdraft. You may easily get a pre-approved additional amount on your account, which you can withdraw or perform the desired banking operations through Internet banking and plastic cards, in Georgia or anywhere in the world.

And if you transfer your salary to Credo Bank, you will receive an even higher limit and better conditions for both overdraft and full banking services.

  • Overdraft amount for customers without a salary account in Credo Bank - 1500 GEL
  • Overdraft amount for customers with a salary account in Credo Bank - 5000 GEL