Salary Overdraft

Credo Bank empowers customers with the possibility to enjoy an overdraft.
An overdraft empowers you to have an additional limit to your account, which will not cause any additional costs prior to depositing funds; you may utilize the latter financial means at any time and depending on any of your needs:

  • Approved limit can be accessed anytime;
  • An interest rate accrued will be calculated upon daily accuracy.

In case you receive your salary in cash or at another bank, then, Credo Bank enables you to utilize an overdraft. You may easily get a pre-approved amount to your account, which can be deposited in cash at any time; also, you will be empowered with a possibility to undertake desired banking operations via internet bank and plastic cards, whether in Georgia or globally.


Upon transferring your salary to Credo Bank, you will enjoy an increased limit and improved terms on an overdraft, as well as banking services in general.


Loan amount: 5,000 GEL
Overdraft issuance fee: 0.5%
Annual interest rate: from 20%
Insurance fee: 0.5%
Effective interest rate: from 21.2%

Credit interest rate in case of conversion of overdraft into bank credit:
Annual interest rate of bank credit: from 20%
Effective interest rate of bank credit: from 22.3%