Mycredo Terminal

Today, business success depends on service availability.

And, CREDO BANK, supported by VISA offers an innovative product – Mycredo Terminal, which gives you an opportunity to further increase your income!

You can instantly download the application Mycredo (soft POS) terminal from the Android Store and avoid the procedures associated with a traditional POS terminal, and the costs of purchase, storage, and activation.

With the application, you can effect payments with any plastic card - Visa/ Mastercard, most importantly - without any waiting, the transaction is instantly reflected in your account.

- issued by both foreign and Georgian banks.

People of any age can easily manage the application, and, at the same time, you will save the Internet megabytes.

Visit us at any service center at your convenience, ask for activation of Mycredo Terminal, and start using it after several minutes from filling in the application.

Make your business more profitable with us!


Increase card payments at CREDO BANK terminals and get a business loan at discounted rates!


Instructions for using the terminal
Terms and Conditions

Transaction commission

  • 0% - on CREDO BANK’s cards - Visa/Mastercard
  • 1.5% - on all other local or international cards
  • Simple installation of the application from the CREDO BANK official website or Google Play Store
  • Free installation
  • Free instructions
  • Technical service without charge
  • Use of the terminal without an additional device
  • No minimum monthly turnover required
  • Acceptance of any card of Visa/Mastercard
  • Simple form of payment – by touching the card on a phone
  • Possibility of sharing electronically the payment confirmation operation: SMS/E-mail/QR code/Screen Shoot.
  • Function of simple, instant refund

The application can be used without the Internet megabytes (no current balance is spent, can be used when you have no Internet megabytes).

Application download

The operating system runs on Android 8.1 version, at least.

The phone must be equipped with NFC technology.

It is important to install the both applications to use MyCredo Terminali:

  1. MyCredo Terminali
  2. MyCredo Terminali Pin App

If the client has only installed the second application, the merchant will not be able to see it in the phone. The said application works in Backgroud and is responsible for demanding PIN on 100 GEL and above.

Instant Payment