If you are planning to purchase a new or used car or require financing for related expenses, you can easily request and obtain a car loan of up to 70,000 GEL, regardless of your income type, with conditions customized to your needs!


For even greater convenience, you now have the option to request and receive a loan entirely online through Mobile Bank - Mycredo. Additionally, you can utilize this service by visiting any Credo Bank service center.


Annual interest rate: from 18%
Effective interest rate: from 19.86%
Loan amount: up to 70,000 GEL
Term: up to 12-72 months
Lending commission: 0%
Loan monitoring fee: from 0.5 GEL
Current account monthly service fee: 1 GEL

  • Possibility for getting a loan upon any amount of income
  • Without co-participation
  • Swift and easy procedure
  • Getting money for purchasing a car, as well as arranging customs service and official paperwork on ownership. Also, for paying off an auto loan issued at another financial institution
  • Flexible payment schedule