In case you are planning to purchase a new or second-hand vehicle and you require funding of the corresponding expenditure – apply and simply get an auto loan with special terms tailored to you!
Choose vehicles at your desired auto dealer, auto market, or a private vendor. Get funding upon considering any kind of income.


The amount can be acquired both, through online means, internet, and mobile banks – Mycredo, as well as in a standard manner – upon visiting any service center of Credo Bank.

  • Possibility for getting a loan upon any amount of income
  • Without co-participation
  • Swift and easy procedure
  • Getting money for purchasing a car, as well as arranging customs service and official paperwork on ownership. Also, for paying off an auto loan issued at another financial institution
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Currency – GEL
  • Amount – from 2000 to 70 000 GEL
    A loan up to 50 000 GEL can be issued instantly without verifying income
  • Duration – up to 72 months
  • Grace period – up to 6 months