Digital Loan

Digital Loan - Access up to 12,000 GEL within an hour through Mycredo online banking. Request, receive, and finance your needs effortlessly, based on any income source - all from the comfort of your home.

Obtain a digital loan without needing to visit a service center. Initiate a money request and validate the approved loan agreement conveniently through Mycredo's online platform.

Acquire the necessary funds by following these steps:

  • Download the Mycredo app
    Register or authorize via Mycredo/ Internet or mobile banking
    Choose the digital loan option among the available products
    Await a call from our representative
    Confirm the approved loan agreement and payment schedule through Internet and Mobile Banking

The application is processed from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and you can receive money from Mycredo at any time.

Following these steps, the funds will be promptly deposited into your Credo Bank account. Settle your dues effortlessly using a plastic card, Mycredo internet, or mobile banking.

In situations where you need cash, feel free to withdraw from our bank's ATMs without incurring any commission charges.

  • Fast and easy procedure
  • High index of approval
  • Chance of receiving the amount online
  • Seasonal payment schedule fit to seasonal incomes
Loan conditions

Loan amount

  • From 500 to 12,000 GEL in case of any type of income

Term of the loan

  • 7-48 months in case of consumer loans
  • 7-60 months in the case of loans requested for business purposes
  • Payment schedule adjusted to seasonal income