Mycredo – Internet and Mobile Banks for Physical Persons

There are banking services, which we require almost on a daily bases – transferring money, topping up mobile phone balance, paying bills … all the operations, which we carry out so often and visit a bank for fulfilling them.
In order to save time and refrain from an undesirable expenditure – the Credo Bank empowers clients with a comfortable internet and mobile banks, which has made the Mycredo tailored to the clients’ needs at a greater extent.

The Mycredo is a more approachable and simpler alternative to the Bank’s branch, which can be utilized to easily navigate and receive daily services, which had required you to visit the branch before.


  • An updated mobile bank will empower you to make money transfers via directly accessing phone book.
    In frames of the campaign – upon making a money transfer to any other bank before September 1, you will enjoy a special rate: 0,5 GEL will be charged instead of GEL 1; as for the Credo Bank’s favorites – the fee will be 0,3 GEL instead of GEL 1.
  • You may share transaction to an addressee in a simple manner, via sharing a screenshot;
  • You may pay bills and top up phone balance without any commission fee, thus saving the most important of all - your time;
  • Opening a deposit account and adding money to the latter will be undertaken instantly, thus saving your time while enjoying a special and high profit;
  • Activating a money transfer – while enjoying the best conversion rate;
  • In case your mobile bank gets blocked due to entering a password incorrectly for several times – you will be able to unblock it instantly, upon a single-use message to your phone;
  • Ordering and activating a plastic card are free of charge and delivered to your desired address;
  • Languages – apart from the international languages, you will enjoy Mingrelian, Svan, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages;
  • You may request and confirm your loan agreement online via internet bank and fully remotely;
  • Promo code will empower you to invite a friend, acquaintance or partner, which can register, open an account or enjoy mobile banking services fully online.


Take a look at the internet and mobile banks instructions, download Mycredo to your smart phone, register online, save time and costs, refrain from waiting in ques, thus – undertake your banking actions without visiting a service center and any time you desire and from any location, while these will also safeguard you from the pandemic turmoil

Go digital, shorten distance between you and the Bank,

download Mycredo:  Android / IOS

How can I utilize Mycredo internet and a mobile bank?