Mycredo – Internet and Mobile Banks for Physical Persons

Credo Bank offers you Mycredo – the comfortable Internet and Mobile Bank maximally tailored to your needs, that will save your time and energy and make it easier for you to use banking services!

Mycredo is the most available and easiest alternative to enjoy banking products and services, through which daily financial transactions, that used to require a visit to the Bank, can be carried out easily, at any time (24/7) from anywhere, even without the Internet megabytes.

  • Online registration with the face recognition functional
  • Opening an account and adding the desired currency to the current account
  • Order/activate a New digital Visa card for free and make contactless payments via Apple Pay
  • Transferring the amount both to the own and other person’s account inside the Bank directly from the telephone contacts
  • Transferring the amount to an account with another bank – without any commission fee
  • Easy sharing the completed transaction to the addressee via a screenshot and downloading the extract
  • Utility payments without commission, using a utility basket with a one-click principle
  • Collect money in the easiest way - for any purpose
  • Topping up the mobile – without any commission fee
  • Carrying out treasury payments without any commission fee
  • Opening a deposit and adding the amount in an instant
  • Online cashing of money remittances 24/7 - with the best exchange rate
  • Ordering/activating a plastic card – free of charge with delivery to the desired address, including National Plastic Card - specially designed for emigrants – with delivery to anywhere around the world  
  • Loan request and online confirmation of an approved loan agreement
  • Easy exchange of messages between a client and the Bank
  • Opportunity of inviting a friend, relative or partner with a promo code
  • Instant unlocking of a profile and recovery of the lost password
  • Languages–  using the application in Mingrelian, Svan, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages  in addition to the international languages

See the Internet and Mobile Banking Instructions, download Mycredo in your smart phone or use the updated Internet Bank  at, register easily through the face recognition functional.

Save your time and money, avoid queuing up and carry out the desired banking and credit operations anytime from anywhere without visiting a service center!



Reduce the distance between the bank and you!

Download Mycredo: Android / IOS

How do I use Mycredo Internet and Mobile Banking?