Health insurance - common

Get the highest medical service and prompt financing from the insurance company “Imedi L”, upon enjoying preferential terms of the Credo installment.

A health insurance can be acquired for ambulatory purposes (visit to a specialist, analyses, check-ups and etc.) as well as for purchasing medications and financing dentistry and aesthetic services.

  • Duration – one year;
  • Funding/co-funding – 40 – 100 %;
  • Age of a beneficiary insured – 18 – 60 years.


Upon purchasing an individual health insurance, you will be detached from the State Universal Health Insurance Program.


It is crucial that a beneficiary will be eligible to services as those medical establishments as well, which do not fall under the State program. An insured beneficiary will have his/her medical service compensated according to the agreement terms.

  • Highly qualified specialists and doctors at your service;
  • Ambulance at your service;
  • Financing dentistry service at provider clinics;
  • Financing medications;
  • Special discounts – Wellness treatment and aesthetic procedures;
  • Compensation for death caused by a tragic accident;
  • Simplified and prompt procedure for compensation and insurance is available for Georgian, as well as foreign countries’ nationals.