Preferential Agrocredit

The purpose of the loan is to acquire the basic means, to create new agricultural enterprises, to expand the existing enterprises, to modernize and/or to Finance the existing works


Credo Bank offers loans to the owners of small and medium business.


The loan is intended for individuals source of income is tourism business

Fast Online Loan

The loan is intended for 21 to 70 years for all types of revenue
Special conditions for people involved in agricultural business! Read more

Auto Loan

The loan will be disbursed for the purchase, for the custom clearance or registration of a car. Also to recover the auto loan issued by another organization

Student Loan

Loan purpose - financing of higher and vocational education.

Consumer Loan

The loan is intended for employees of micro, small and medium private businesses

Mortgage loan

The loan is intended for purchase, construction and repair of real estate. As well as to cover the mortgage loan disbursed in other financial institutions

Agro Loan

Agro business loans are intended for the borrowers whose source of income is mainly agricultural activity