Business Overdraft

An overdraft is an ideal option when your business needs money at a moment’s notice to fund its financial needs.

Remittance Secured Loan

Receive a loan simply – only on the basis of a remittance!

Auto Lombard

Instant loan only through guaranteeing an automobile, with the right to drive!

Credit card VISA

The card through which you may at any time, within any time regularity use the amount within the credit limit – purchase goods or services in outlets or stores as well as through internet or receive cash through ATM.

Deposit Secured Loan

Money can be received in GEL, as well as in Euro and Dollar currencies.

Limit on a Consumer Loan

A limit on consumer loan is an amount adopted for a client in advance

Salary Overdraft

Credo Bank empowers customers with the possibility to enjoy an overdraft.

Re-Start loan

Make an instant request of a specially launched Re-Start loan offered by the Credo Bank. Start payments on a loan after you have stabilized your income!

Preferential Agrocredit

If you wish to change your agro activity into a successful business, enjoy our best conditions of a preferential agro credit!


Obtain a business loan with the terms and conditions adjusted to your needs and income!

Loan to improve your credit history

Get a loan in spite of a bad credit history!


As a meaningful contribution towards fostering the tourism industry in Georgia, following a pandemic turmoil – Credo Bank offers special terms to the tourism business!

Auto Loan

Get an auto loan – purchase a new or second-hand vehicle, arrange customs service matters, and complete ownership paperwork in a prompt manner!

Student Loan

Get funding of any education degree with the best conditions!

Consumer Loan

Apply for a consumer loan with any special purposes!

Mortgage loan

Live comfortably via Credo Bank’s mortgage loan!

Agro Loan

Agro Loan with the Conditions Adapted to Your Seasonal Income