In case your income in the tourism industry has partially or fully decreased due to the pandemic and your existing obligations make you struggle to get a new loan – Credo Bank empowers you to join the special offer and refresh your tourism business!

  • Repay your obligations at our bank with better terms;
  • Refresh, expand and start a tourism business;
  • Make modifications upon the regulatory requirements;
  • Renovate a venue/catering facility;
  • Purchase furniture, rotational means, and equipment.


We offer you a seasonal payment schedule tailored to the amount of your income.

  • Currency of a loan – GEL;
  • Duration of a loan – up to 120 months;
  • Grace period – both, per principal amount, as well as an interest rate.
  • A simple and prompt procedure for getting a loan;
  • Taking into account upcoming incomes;
  • A flexible payment schedule on a loan – with minor payments.