E-mail Banking - for Credo Rcheuli Customers

Credo Bank offers fast and easy access to banking services to selected customers via e-mail, which allows customers to make transactions and receive relevant information via e-mail provided by the customer.

In order to use the e-mail banking service, you need to have a personal e-mail address and send the request of the desired operation to: [email protected]


You can:

  • Obtain information about your accounts and loans
  • Get account details, the bank statement, and the certificate
  • Transfer money to your own account
  • Transfer money to a third party account both inside and outside of the bank
  • Make a budget transfer
  • Make a non-cash conversion
  • Open, break or add amount to the deposit
  • Order, block or renew your debit card
  • Order a credit card, increase, decrease or cancel the limit on the card
  • Request an overdraft limit, to increase, decrease or cancel the limit
  • Request a loan
  • Carry out partial or advance repayment of the loan
  • Purchase or cancel insurance products
  • Cancel undesired transactions