Simplified START UP Loan

If you have an idea or need and you believe that none of the credit organizations issue a loan to finance such an idea or need, you are wrong! CREDO Bank’s simple Start Up loan secured with immovable property is right for you.

Apply for right not and simply receive the amount with the grace period up to 12 months.

WE believe in your abilities and the success of your idea!

  • Upon approving a loan for you – your future income will be taken into consideration:
    Just like any type of incumbent income, whether you get paid in cash or through bank transfer.
  • Loan will be issued with a 12-months grace period:
    The respective timing is required for you to make your dreams come true, as well as for overcoming challenges and stabilizing your income. You will start making payments after all of the latter circumstances are settled.
  • Payment schedule tailored to seasonal income:
    Payment schedule will be tailored to seasonal income peculiarities for an entire loan term. You will only make payments in those months, when you have a bigger income.
  • Submit an application for a loan online: 
    You may request a loan without visiting a service center.
    Click on the button “submit an application” at the bottom of the page; submit your request and await a call from the Bank’s representative.
Terms of a loan
  • Amount: 8000 - 250 000 GEL;
  • Currency: GEL, USE, EUR;
  • Duration: up to 120 months;
  • Grace period: 6 months at the base;