Simple START-UP loan

In case you have a great idea and have a need to get funding, while none of the banks or credit institutions are willing to issue a loan on you, despite you being able to offer collateral - then, Credo Bank has an exciting offer! Get a simple Start-Up Loan for up to 12-month of a grace period.

Apply for a simple Start-Up loan, equip with collateral, and get a loan, simply and promptly.

We believe in your abilities and the success of an idea!

  • Undertaking future income into consideration, upon issuing a loan

Any kind of income is valid - acquired in cash or paid to a bank account;

  • A loan is issued with a 12-month grace period

The given period of time is sufficient for realizing your idea, overcoming the drawbacks, and harmonizing income patterns. You will start payments after the income and environment is normalized.

  • A payment schedule tailored to seasonal income

A payment schedule tailored to the seasonal incomes, thus payment will be undertaken upon the period of a demonstrated increase of an income.

  • Apply for a loan online

The loan can be requested online without visiting a service center.
Click on the button below the same page – “send an application”. Submit an application and wait for the bank’s representative to reach out to you.

Terms of a loan
  • Amount: from 5000 up to 100, 000 GEL;
  • Duration: up to 120 months;
  • Grace period: 12 months;
  • A payment schedule tailored to seasonal income;
  • Collateral: immovable property located at Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, and Rustavi.