Deposit Secured Loan

If you need money for unforeseen needs and you have a deposit in Credo Bank, Take advantage of a loan secured by a deposit and finance any need most easily.

Receive money without breaking the deposit and do not miss the opportunity to receive high benefits.


Money can be received in GEL, as well as in Euro and Dollar currencies.


  • Annual interest rate: + 3% of the annual benefit of the deposit
    Effective interest rate: The effective interest rate depends on the terms of the loan: loan amount, loan term, annual interest and payment periodicity.
    Loan amount: according to the amount of the deposit
    Term: term corresponding to the term of the deposit
    Lending commission: 0%
    Loan monitoring fee: from 0.5 GEL
  • Possibility of getting a loan with an ID card only;
  • Preferential interest rate;
  • Granting a loan upon any purpose;
  • Flexible payment schedule.