Preferential Agrocredit

Within the Project “Preferential Agro Credit” initiated by the Rural Development Agency, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, CREDO Bank gives you an opportunity to enjoy a cheap agro credit in order to fund agricultural activities carried out for the first time, main and circulating means for processing, storage and realization.

The goal of the project is to support manufacturing processes of primary agricultural production, processing, storage and realization by means of providing physical and legal entities with cheap and available funds.


The Project of the preferential agro credit includes the following components:

  • Purchase/repairs of agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.) and implements (plough, harrow, seeding-machine, fertilizer applicator), as well;
  • Poultry farm;
  • Greenhouses and other closed ground production;
  • Warehouses/refrigerators for storage of agricultural products;
  • Perennial cultures;
  • Tea plantation rehabilitation programme.


See the detailed information on the link.


Annual interest rate: from 14.5%
Effective interest rate: from 15.56%
Loan amount: up to 7,000 - 600,000 GEL
Term: up to 120 months
Loan issuing commission: from 0.2%
Loan monitoring fee: from 0.5 GEL
Current account monthly service fee: 1 GEL

  • A quick and easy procedure for taking a loan
  • An unprecedentedly low interest rate
  • Repayment schedule tailored to seasonality of income.
  • Grace periods
  • The co-financing of the interest rate by the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency