Mycredo Business - Internet and Mobil Bank

Business Internet and Mobile Bank - MyCredo Business for legal entities gives you the opportunity to manage business banking operations at any time, from anywhere 24/7.  

Business Mobile Banking application is maximally tailored to your needs and even if you are out of mobile Internet, we offer you to carry out operations related to your business from anywhere with the help of various functions:

  • Go through a simple authorization
  • See the list of active products
  • Manage and control the transactions
  • Confirm the transfers and payments to be signed
  • Create templates
  • Carry out cash transactions:
    • Transfer between own accounts
    • Transfer to a third-person
    • Transfer to the budget
    • Money conversion at the best rate
    • Utility fees
    • Mobile top-up

If you are registered with Business Internet Bank, download the application to use Mobile Bank and log in with your Business Internet Bank username and password

Besides, if you are registered in Internet and Mobile Bank for individuals -, you can use the single sign-on method, which implies access to all user accounts-companies (for which the user is authorized) with the username and password of Internet Bank for individuals.

If you are not yet registered with Business Internet or Mobile Bank, you should visit any CREDO Bank service center for registration on a new Business Internet and Mobile Bank.

Instruction for Use of Business Mobile Bank
  • If you already have an active account of individuals in Internet Bank Mycredo, you can use its username and password for authorization.
  • If you have a Mycredo account and you do not remember the user data, you can restore it through the Credo Bank Call Center *4242 or from the Internet /Mobile Bank.
  • If you do not have an active Myrcedo Internet Bank (for individuals) – register online or visit any service center at your convenience.
  • You can register a separate username and password to access Business Internet and Mobile Bank if desired.
Opportunities of Business Internet Bank []

From the web version of Business Internet Bank  you can:

  • See active products and keep an eye on your company’s finances
  • Manage and control transactions
  • Receive statements in various formats compatible with accounting programs for the desired account and period
  • Create transfer and payment templates
  • Convert the amount at the best rate
  • Carry out cash transactions:
    • Transfer between own accounts
    • Transfer to a third person both in the national and foreign currencies
    • Transfer to the budget
    • Utility fees
    • Mobile top-up
  • Transfer salary into all Georgian banks easily by uploading one file for all transfers
  • Create Standing Orders and Future-Dated Transfers
  • Completely digitally invite additional users with the role and rights at your desire in order to be able to use Business Mobile Bank with their own usernames and passwords with the role you have assigned.
  • Manage the additional user roles, subscription levels, and daily financial transaction limits

Access multiple company accounts with the same username and password
You can switch to the desired company both during authorization and from the settings menu.