An internet bank for legal entities that allows you to carry out desired banking operations in the simplest manner, anytime from any place (24/7), even without internet access.

In the business internet bank, you will be able to:

  • Access your active products
  • Track your company's finances
  • Manage and control transactions
  • Receive statements in various formats that are compatible with accounting software (for the desired account and period)
  • Create transfer and payment templates
  • Convert amounts at the best rate
  • Complete monetary transactions, such as:
    • Transfers between own accounts
    • Transfers to third parties
    • Transfers to the budget
    • Payments for utilities
  • Transfer salaries to all Georgian banks in the simplest manner, by uploading all transfers in one file;
  • Invite additional users by assigning the desired roles and rights, who will be able to use your business internet bank with their own username and password;
  • Manage the roles of additional users in the system (signature levels, daily limits of financial operations, etc.)


In order to register for authorization in the new Internet Bank at, you need to register in the Internet Bank for physical persons at

You will be able to use a single sign-on method, which means that users can access all accounts of companies (on which the user is authorized) using the username and password of the Internet Bank for physical persons.

It is possible to switch to the desired company automatically during registration or from the settings menu.

  • If you have an active account of physical persons in the Internet Bank Mycredo, you can use the same username and password to authorize.
  • If you have a Mycredo account and do not remember your user details, you can restore them from the Internet/Mobile Bank or via the Credo Bank call centre: *4242.
  • If you do not have an active Mycredo Internet Bank (for physical persons), you can register online or visit us at the desired service centre.