Benefits and more

The card “Benefits and more” has been specially designed by the insurance company Imedi L as a unique banking product for Credo Bank and it has no similar analog at any other bank or insurance company.

The respective card empowers you to enjoy discounts on medication, medical services, and procedures, as well as food for children and various personal amenities. You will be equipped with personal doctor assistance from Imedi L and 24/7 consultation service.

Upon receiving the respective card, you will be able to maintain your socially vulnerable person’s status. Any person regardless of age can become a beneficiary of a card.


You will be able to purchase and receive the card via an online portal, which is available for Credo Bank’s beneficiaries and is accessible online. Upon purchasing an electronic package, the latter will instantly become active and you may utilize it upon your desires and needs.

  • Planned ambulatory – clinics “Evex”, “Gormedi” and “Geo Hospitals”;
  • High-tech screening (computer/ Magnetoresonance tomography);
  • Dentistry at the “New Dent” network;
  • Physiotherapy, massage, training – “Family Clinic”;
  • Excimer correction of eye-sight – “Akhali Mzera” and “Chichua Medical Center”;
  • Compensation for a tragic loss of life - Basic card – 5000 GEL; an improved card – 8000 GEL;
  • Personal doctor service - 24/7 consultation.

Also, the beneficiary of the card will be enabled to receive phone consultations from any part of the country with a 50% discount at Evex’s Tbilisi hospitals.

Specialists and services that are accessible within the program:

  • Allergology;
  • Children’s endocrinologist;
  • Children’s neurologist;
  • Gastroenterologist;
  • Gynecologist;
  • Therapist;
  • Neurology;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Rheumatologist;
  • Dermatologist.

Book your service and get access to detailed information via the hotline of Imedi L:
032 292 22 22

For getting access to service, a patient shall have a written statement from a personal doctor of Imedi L.

You may pay for the service via e-portal and internet-bank of the Bank of Georgia.

  • Possibility to use a card at any age group;
  • Compensation for a tragic loss of life – up to 8000 GEL;
  • Utilizing the card will not result in the loss of a socially vulnerable person’s status.