Benefits and more

Card "Benefits & More" is a unique service of Credo Bank and insurance company Imedi L, with no analogue offered to customers by any other bank or insurance company. The card holder will be able to enjoy discounts on medicines, medical services and procedures, as well as on baby nutrition and means of self care. Customers will also be provided with personal physician services of Imedi L and 24/7 h consultation services.

Any person of any age may use the card. It is important that by purchasing the card the customer will not be deprived of the status of a socially vulnerable person


Order a card and receive it from an Insurance Company “Imedi L” portal is already available for the Credo Bank’s customers. Upon making an online purchase – you will automatically receive an electronic policy, which will be activated on the next day of receipt and can be utilized as soon as a need arises.



Standard card


  • Any person of any age may be insured
  • Personal physician services of Imedi L
  • Discounts on medical services
  • Accidental death compensation - 5000

Premium card


  • Any person of any age may be insured
  • Personal physician services of Imedi L with no limit
  • Improved discounts on medical services
  • Discount on self care and baby nutrition in GPS and Pharmadepot pharmacy chain (for 2 products per month)
  • Accidental death compensation - 8000
Terms & Conditions
  • Planned Outpatient - Evex Polyclinics and Geo Hospital
  • High-tech examinations (computer/magnetic resonance tomography, MRI)
  • Dentistry at New Dent network
  • Physiotherapy, massage, exercise - Family Clinic
  • Eye sight correction with excimer laser - in New Look and Chichua Medical Centre
  • Compensation for accidental deaths. Standard card - GEL 5000; Premium card - GEL 8000
  • Personal physician services