Consumer Loan

If you have already turned 18 and have an income, then, the Credo Bank has an offer to you – get a consumer loan amounting up to 100 000 GEL for a duration of 10 years.

The loan has been designed for micro, small and medium business employees (including – seasonal agro and tourism businesses), who get partially paid in cash or get a salary transfer to their bank accounts. They will not be obliged to provide income proof or bank receipts. Income of an applicant will be verified upon visiting him/her at the respective working place.

In case you are a client of the Credo Bank, get a loan through a fully distant process, without making a visit to the Bank’s service centers. Requesting the amount and confirming an approved loan’s application is possible online, via

In case you are not a client of the Credo Bank, you will need to undertake a registration process at the with a face recognition system. Request an online loan and make a single-time-visit to the service center for identification purposes.

You will receive an approved loan’s contract to your own internet bank for approval. Online space will be utilized for you to manage your banking services, approving a contract and getting a loan in the future.

An approved amount will be transferred to your Credo Bank’s account, which you will easily manage via a plastic card, as well as internet and mobile banks at You may get cash from our ATMs without any service fee.


In case you don’t hold a plastic card, order it at MYCREDO.GE without any charges and it will be delivered to your desired address free of charge!

Loan terms
  • Currency - GEL
  • Non-mortgage loans up to ₾40000, up to 48 months;
  • Mortgaged loans up to ₾100000, up to 120 months;
  • Grace period - 3 months