Auto Insurance Packages (CASCO / TPL)

If you own a car and would like to protect yourself against unexpected financial costs of car accidents – then, Credo Bank offers you a special insurance package tailored to your needs.


  • Auto insurance
    Recover or repair damaged parts of a vehicle and return yourself to your regular lifestyle in a short period;
  • Insurance of a driver and passengers
    Insurance of your own and your passengers’ health and life amidst car accidents;
  • Insurance of third-party liability
    An unlimited number of persons covered by the insurance.


Upon having an accident and facing an insurance situation – you will not have to think about whose liability there is – the insurance company Aldagi will ensure compensation of any damage!


Auto insurance:

  • Simplified procedure for utilizing insurance;
  • Possibility for purchasing insurance on an installment and without prepayments;
  • Possibility to pay off insurance package cost upon monthly payments, as well as with a grace period;
  • 24-hours of technical assistance on roads, auto-service group’s service, and high-quality service for fixing vehicles;
  • Possibility of insuring cars produced during 1990 – 2002.

Upon utilizing a loan of over 3000 GEL, Credo Bank will provide you with a one-month fee on auto-insurance (CASCO) as a present. The respective amount will be excluded from the last month’s fee of the payment schedule.


Insuring liability of a driver and third party:

  • Unlimited number of drivers;
  • Unlimited number of vehicles;
  • Simplified procedure for utilizing insurance;
  • Gift – deposit insurance of life.

You will get a Greenway technical inspection voucher upon purchasing auto-insurance along with insurance of drivers’ and passengers amidst disastrous accidents:

Vehicles costing 2500 – 3999 USD – 30 GEL voucher;
Vehicles costing more than 4000 USD – 60 GEL voucher;

Upon utilizing a loan of more than 3000 GEL, auto-insurance package, the third-party liability insurance (MTPL/PTPL) can be bought for 60 GEL, instead of 72 GEL.

As a result, you will receive a lower-price loan required and avoid costs caused by accidents.