If you could not imagine to buy an apartment till now as you thought that you could not afford it with your business and the amount of your income, now with the help of CREDO Bank your dreams and desires can come true!


What CREDO Binotheca offers you?

  • To receive the desired amount to buy an apartment on the basis of any type of business, any kind of income – no matter you receive a take-home income or it is deposited on your account;
  • Individual service rendered by a loan manager – who will manage all necessary procedures for you to purchase the selected apartment;
  • Payment schedule adapted to the volume seasonality of your incomes a


Connect to us, purchase a real estate simply and live in the space which will be called “my apartmant”.

  • Individual service
  • Chance to receive the amount on the basis of any kind of income
  • Payment schedule adapted to your necessities
  • Loan currency – GEL, US dollar, EURO
    (the amount up to GEL 200 000 is only given in GEL)
  • Purpose – building, purchase of a real estate
  • Period - up to 180 months