If it was unbelievable for you to buy an apartment, because you thought your business and income could not afford it,

Now - with the help of Credo Bank you can make your wishes come true!


What does Credo Binoteca offer?

  • The amount you need to buy an apartment, based on any type of activity, any income - it does not matter if you take it in cash or it is transferred to the bank.
  • Service of an individual credit manager who will solve all the necessary procedures for the purchase of the apartment chosen.
  • Provide a payment schedule adjusted to your income volume and seasonality

Contact us, buy real estate easily and live in a space called "My Apartment".

  • Individual services
  • Ability to receive money based on any type of income
  • Payment schedule convenient for you
  • Loan currency - GEL, USD, EUR
    (Up to GEL 200,000 is issued in GEL only)
  • Purpose - real estate construction, purchase
  • Term - up to 180 months