How to use Credo Bank Services

How do I pay in Credo Bank service centers

Loan or installment can be paid in both currencies - Gel and USD in any Service Center of Credo Bank. At the time of payment, you should submit to cashier:

  • Your identity document (ID or passport)
  • In addition to your identity document, the third person's personal number or CIF code - in case of payment of the loan or installment on the name of a third person.

You will receive a payment receipt after payment.


How can I pay through quick payment machines

You can pay a loan or installment through the following quick payment machines:

  • Express Pay
  • LB Pay

While paying, select the "Credo Bank" button on the screen and enter the payment code (CIF)

which you will be given when you receive a loan or installment and then follow the instructions. After making the payment, wait for the confirmation and payment receipt.

How can I pay through internet

If you plan to pay a loan or installment through the Internet, you can use the following platforms:

Through the manual payment machine

While paying, tell the seller that you want to pay credit for the Credo Bank. Tell the (CIF) code that is specified in the payment card. The seller himself will deposit the amount and gives you the receipt.

Keep payment receipts until the expiry of the loan and installment period.

In case of loss of payment card, visit Credo Bank Service Center or inform your Loan Officer. A new payment card will be created for free in a few minutes.

How can I cover my loan in advance

To cover the loan in advance, please, contact your loan officer and fill the application.

Without an application, the loan will not be considered as paid.

Money Transfers

How can I get a quick money transfer?

At the time of receiving the amount, you have to submit an ID or a passport to the cashier.


It is necessary to inform the cashier:


  • Code of transfer that you received after sending it.
  • The amount of money and currency.
  • The sender's name, surname and country from which the money has been sent.




How to send quick money transfer?

When transferring the amount, submit an ID or passport to the bank cashier. Tell us what country and city you want to send money to. The cashier will help you select the optimal transmission system.

After successful completion of the transfer, you will be given a code of payment that will be reported to the recipient. Keep in mind that the recipient is required to submit a transfer code to withdraw money.



How can I make an application from the call center

In order to make a loan or installment through a call or if you have some questions or recommendation for us, you should call in Credo renovated telephone center to the number 032 2 42 42 42

If required, you will be redirected to Credo's branches or head office and create a new application.