Credo Universal Mastercard

A special Card Mastercard for the holders of the CREDO Universal Service.

  • High quality security system
  • High limits of cashing
  • Without the card service commission
  • Opportunity of cashing in all local and international banks and ATMs:

In CREDO Bank - free of charge

In partner banks – free of charge


Add any Credo Bank card to the Google/Apple Pay e-wallet and pay more easily at desired facilities or on the Internet. Travel by public transport for 1 GEL.


Terms and conditions of the Credo Universal card issued until March 15, 2023 can be found at the link



Terms and conditions
MasterCard Universal (Debit Card)
Currency GEL / USD / EUR/ RUR
Service fee
Card service fee (One-time fee), if purchased in the Branch Free
Card service fee, if purchased through Online Banking (MyCredo) Free
Card Recovery fee (in case of card loss or damage) 10 Gel
Card validity period 3 Year
Daily withdrawal limits
Credo Bank service centers Unlimited
Credo Bank ATM’s 10000 Gel
UFC network Banks ATM’s (TBC, Halyk) 50000 Gel (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
UFC network Banks service centers 5000 Gel (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
Other bank ATM’s 3000 Gel (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
Other bank service center 2000 Gel (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
Purchase Limit 10,000 GEL (Or Equivalent in other currencies)
Operation Limit without using PIN Code 100 Gel
Stop list (Card Blocking)
Local stop list Unlimited
International Stop list 50 USD (Weekly, Per Region)
Payment fee in merchants
International merchants Free
Local merchants Free
Internet Free
Cash withdrawal fee
Credo Bank Service Centers (in case of performing the operation by card) 0.6% of the amount (min 0.5 Gel)
Other Banks service center 3% of the amount (min 8 Gel / 4 USD / 4 EUR)
Credo Bank ATM’s GEL Free, USD 0.3% MIN 0.5USD
UFC network Banks ATM’s (TBC, Halyk) GEL Free, USD & EUR 0.5% (min 0.5USD/EUR)
Other Banks ATM’s 2% of the amount (min 6 Gel / 3 USD / 3 EUR)


Security Mechanism

Aspired to ensure the safety of our customers, Credo Bank has invested a new mechanism for shaping a risk monitoring framework, which will ensure monitoring of suspicious actions within Credo Bank’s plastic cards and operations via point of sale terminals (POS terminal).

The program will identify operations, which could potentially be undertaken by non-holders of the respective cards, but other parties. Thus, in case a credit card operation will not commence successfully, then, please, contact the information center of Credo Bank for unblocking the operation. Dial *4242 or visit the nearest service center.