Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a comfortable and innovative tool, which enables you to make payments at shops, applications and internet, both in Georgia, as well as abroad through Apple devices – iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac; via Safari, application or internet.

Utilizing the service is possible for owners of the Credo Bank’s plastic cards. We offer you modern digital possibilities and experience for an easier shopping. Safety and confidentiality are what positions the Credo Bank and Apple as an outstanding player.

  • Comfortable

It is crucial to make a single-time adding of a card, which will enable you to proceed with upcoming payments without a card.


  • Safe

Upon utilizing a card on Apple Pay – the number of the respective card will not be stored on various devices on Apple’s servers. Each and every new transaction of a user will be authorized through single-use and unique security code.


  • Complete system for payment

The card can be easily integrated into any Apple device.

How to add a card on Apple Wallet?

Iphone :

  1. In Apple Wallet’s application – click on upper right corner on a button „+“
  2. Scan your debit or credit card and add to an application

Apple Watch :

  1. Press on „Wallet & Apple Pay” in Apple Watch’s application
  2. „Add Credit or Debit Card”
  3. Scan your debit or credit card and add into applications