The Credo Bank's Social Responsibilities and projects
Credo Bank's Social Responsibility Strategy aims to take care of all current and future projects, creating a safe environment, as well as supporting education and protection of consumers' rights.
We implement projects in 4 main directions
Environmental protection

Credo Bank is actively involved in the Environmental and Social Policy,

which is based on international experience and multi-year practice.

Education Support

Depending on our bank's mission, which includes consumer sustainable financial services,

we believe it's important to support activities that promote financial education and literacy and also initiate such activities.

Consumer protection

Credo bank constantly tries to contribute to the important issues for the public

Credo Bank holds SMART CAMPAIGN certificate for client protection, as one of our main purposes is to take care of the customers and their support.



From 2015 Credo Bank is a member of Pro Bono Georgia.

Pro bono involves supporting civil organizations free of charge for human resources.

Social Responsibility Projects
04.01.2019 Activities
Pro bono
Pro bono marathon beneficiaries were civic organizations and social enterprises
22.02.2019 Education Support
The European Foundation EFSE has organized a tourism business training "Host”