Auto Insurance Packages (CASCO / TPL)

If you have an automobile and would like to avoid any unforeseen financial expenses caused by an accident, CREDO Bank offers you the auto insurance package with special terms and conditions adapted to your needs.

  • Auto Insurance
    Restore or change the damaged parts of your car and get back to the usual pace of life in the shortest period of time.
  • Driver and Passenger Insurance
    Insure your and your passengers’ health and life damaged by an accident.
  • Third Party Liability Insurance (without the limitation of the number of the insured persons)


When occurring the insurance event, you will no longer have to worry about whose fault is the accident – ALDAGI Insurance Company will reimburse all the losses!


Auto insurance:

  • Simplified procedure for utilizing insurance;
  • Possibility for purchasing insurance on an installment and without prepayments;
  • Possibility to pay off insurance package cost upon monthly payments, as well as with a grace period;
  • 24-hours of technical assistance on roads, auto-service group’s service, and high-quality service for fixing vehicles;
  • Possibility of insuring cars produced during 1990 – 2002.

Upon utilizing a loan of over 3000 GEL, Credo Bank will provide you with a one-month fee on auto-insurance (CASCO) as a present. The respective amount will be excluded from the last month’s fee of the payment schedule.


Insuring liability of a driver and third party:

  • Unlimited number of drivers;
  • Unlimited number of vehicles;
  • Simplified procedure for utilizing insurance;
  • Gift – deposit insurance of life.

You will get a Greenway technical inspection voucher upon purchasing auto-insurance along with insurance of drivers’ and passengers amidst disastrous accidents:

Vehicles costing 2500 – 3999 USD – 30 GEL voucher;
Vehicles costing more than 4000 USD – 60 GEL voucher;

Upon utilizing a loan of more than 3000 GEL, auto-insurance package, the third-party liability insurance (MTPL/PTPL) can be bought for 90 GEL.

As a result, you will receive a lower-price loan required and avoid costs caused by accidents.