If you are in the hotel business and seek to expand your current operations, seize the opportunity presented by Credo Bank's latest offering, the "Credo Maspindzeli" package.

Access a range of services tailored to your business needs, benefit from preferential terms for banking products, and further cultivate your tourism enterprise.

The package encompasses the following products and services:

  • "Credo Rcheuli" package for individuals/legal entities: Enjoy privileged services sans queues in a comfortable space exclusively designed for select clientele, along with exclusive benefits on banking products.
  • Loan Facilities: Avail individually tailored terms for loans with durations of up to 15 years and a seasonal payment schedule (the initial 2 years fall under the investment opportunity).
  • POS Terminal: Instantly accept card payments and pre-authorizations, with the ability for remote fund blocking and a high limit.
  • International Payments: Benefit from low fees for payments made with foreign cards at POS terminals, starting from 1.9%.
  • Mycredo Internet and Mobile Bank: Access a plethora of traditional and innovative services tailored for individuals/legal entities.
  • Business Card: A secure and straightforward tool for managing business expenses, conducting transactions at trade-service establishments, and making online purchases.
  • Payroll Software: A flexible and secure solution for salary disbursement.