Mortgage loan

Residential space is a necessity for all. Apart from spending monthly payments on renting an apartment, we find ourselves at high expenses but without tangible property.

The Credo Bank, empowers you to enjoy subsidized mortgage loans and offers you to make a purchase with maximal support and comfort to a customer. Make a payment similar to monthly rent fee for the next 5 years and live in a space, which will be called “my apartment”. Our partner developers will offer you wide range of special offers and discounts, which will operate simultaneously within and beyond subsidizing campaign – for the whole process of 15 years of a mortgage.

  • Currency of a loan - GEL
  • Duration – up to 180 months
  • Amount – up to 300 000 GEL
  • Subsidizing period – up to 5 years
  • Interest rate:

Subsidizing period effective % from 10.06%
Post-subsidizing period with effective % from 10.84%

What is required for joining the program?

For the purpose of becoming eligible for the program and subsidies, a physical person shall receive a mortgage loan prior to December 31, 2020, for purchasing an apartment at construction or developer company.