Auto Lombard

If you're in need of money and you own a car, Credo Bank offers fast financing with the best conditions available.

You can receive the money you need only by using your car as collateral.

All you'll need to provide is your identity card and your vehicle's technical passport. A Credo Bank expert will evaluate your car, and you can create a flexible loan repayment schedule that works for you. You can also benefit from a grace period of up to 6 months on the principal amount as needed.

Most importantly, your car will remain in your name and ownership with the right to drive. If you have the means to cover the obligation in advance, you can pay off the loan at any time.


Request an Auto Lombard from Mycredo Mobile Bank and get a response within 40 minutes


Here's what we offer:

  • Loan Term: Up to 6 years
  • Grace Period: 6 months
  • No Proof of Income Required
  • No Loan or Insurance Commission Fees
  • Interest Rate: From 24%
  • Effective Interest Rate: From 27.08%
Terms and Conditions
  • Annual interest rate: from 24%
    Effective interest rate: from 27.13%
    Loan amount: up to 50,000 GEL
    Term: up to 12-72 months
    Lending commission: 0%
    Loan monitoring fee: from 0.5 GEL
    Current account monthly service fee: 1 GEL
  • Chane to receive the amount only through guaranteeing an automobile;
  • Quick and simple procedure
  • During the loan period the automobile remains in the clinet’s possession with the right to drive
  • Flexible payment schedule