Agro Loan

Credo Bank’s agro-loan has been designed for clients, who are engaged in rural-agricultural activities and whose key source of income is agriculture.

It does not matter how you get your income, whether paid via bank transfer or paid in cash, our Bank will finance any of your aspirations despite your credit history. No matter how positive or negative your credit history happens to be, whether you have ended up as unfortunate collateral or have an overdue payment, thus the credit institutions refrain from providing you with funding.

A specially tailored seasonal payment schedule will empower you to make payments of a loan based on your seasonal income.


You will be able to get a loan via online, internet, or mobile banks – Mycredo, as well as in a standard manner and upon visiting any of our service centers.

  • Currency of a loan – GEL;
  • Duration of a loan – up to 60 months, in case of purchasing a land – 120 months;
  • Grace period – up to 11 months – Both, per principal amount, as well as interest rate;
  • Payment schedule – both, standard schedule, as well as the one tailored to seasonal income/payment pattern.
  • A flexible payment schedule tailored to your income and desires upon seasonal payments;
  • Grace period – up to 11 months;
  • A simplified procedure for promptly getting a loan;
  • Credo Bank’s liaison/representative at every village;
  • A possibility for getting a loan online and at a more simplified rate via the internet or mobile bank “Mycredo”.