Health Insurance – SAERTO +

Feel safe, get the highest quality medical services, discounts, and fast financing of treatment, buy Imedi L's health insurance package "Saerto +" with preferential installment terms of Credo Bank.
The package is now available with even higher discount limits!
Receive both outpatient (visits with specialists, examinations, tests, etc.) and maternity-type services (without waiting) and use them to cover the costs of purchasing medicines and dental or aesthetic services.
To purchase the package, visit us at the Credo Bank service center.
Terms and Conditions
  • Period - 1 year
  • Age of the insured - From 0 to 60 years
  • In case of purchase by installments, the price of the package is 92 GEL per month


Services of a Personal Doctor 100% Unlimited
Emergency medical assistance 100% Unlimited
Laboratory-instrumental examinations 100% Once a year
Emergency outpatient services 100% Unlimited
Emergency dental service 100% Unlimited
Scheduled dental service at the provider clinics ** 60% GEL 1,500



In case of purchasing an individual health insurance, the universal healthcare program is cancelled.

If the insured receives medical services at a medical institution where the relevant state program does not operate, the cost of the medical services will be reimbursed to the insured according to the terms and conditions of the contract.



  • Benefit from health insuarance at increased rates
  • Services of highly qualified specialists and personal doctor
  • Maternity obstetric service without standing in a queue
  • Financing dental service at the provider clinics
  • Providing emergency assistance
  • Financing the medicines
  • Quick and simple procedure of reimbursement