Student Loan

Credo Bank has an excellent offer to customers willing to get higher education at any stage – whether you are enrolled in private school, higher or vocational educational institutions and require complete or partial funding for your academic endeavors.

Students will be empowered with a specially tailored offer for becoming eligible for funding without any proof of income – only upon providing an ID card and a document confirming their academic status. Throughout the grace period, you will be fully exempted from any kind of payments and will start paying off your loan after 6 months from the date of graduation.

Terms for financing private schools
  • Amount – up to 10 000 GEL;
  • Duration – up to 48 months;
  • Grace period – 3 months.
Terms for financing higher educational and vocational institutions
  • Amount – up to 20, 000 GEL;
  • Duration – up to 96 months;
  • Getting a loan – upon a document confirming academic status;
  • Complete grace period – additional six months after the expiration of the study period (both, at an initial amount as well as interest rate).
  • A simplified and swift procedure for getting funds;
  • Minimal fixed interest rate;
  • Without collateral;
  • Flexible payment schedule.
Student loan calculator


500₾ 20000₾


2 Month 96 Month

Monthly payment

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Effective interest rate

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