Student Loan

Loan purpose - financing of higher and vocational education.

With student loan can be financed by any level of higher education: Bachelor, Master or Doctor

Our benefits
  • The lowest fixed interest rate
  • Grace period up to 54 month, the user begins to pay for 6 months after the end of the study
  • No collateral required
  • A student certifying document is enough to get a loan
Loan terms
  • Currency - GEL
  • Loan amount:
    • Up to 9'000 for Bachelor's degree
    • Up to 20'000 for Master's degree
  • Maximum loan term - 96 months
  • Grace period - the period of study plus 6 months for no more than 54 months
Student loan calculator


500₾ 9000₾


2 Month 96 Month

Monthly payment

The base and percentage are covered

Grace Period

Effective interest rate

Effective interest rate

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