Using a bank card is much safer, more convenient and more reliable than using cash. However, if we do not follow the general security rules, we ourselves may enable our card and the funds available on it to be used.

Visa Platinum Card

Visa Platinum Card is a high-class plastic card that allows users to use premium class services and individual credit limits throughout the world.

Conversion scheme

Card transactions are reflected on the account in that currency, in which the transaction was performed, regardless of the currency the user had chosen as a priority.

Debit Card Mastercard for Emigrants

CREDO Bank continuously takes care of satisfying its clients, and this time it offers the special opportunity to emigrants!

Credit card VISA

The card through which you may at any time, within any time regularity use the amount within the credit limit – purchase goods or services in outlets or stores as well as through internet or receive cash through ATM.

Digital card

a card that can be used to dispose of the amount on the current account

Credo Universal Mastercard

A special card for the holders of the CREDO Universal Service

Untitled Debit Card Mastercard

A card empowers you to manage funds available at your current account. You may withdraw money from any local or/and international banks and ATMs

Credo RCHEULI mastercard

Credo RCHEULI mastercard for special service owners


The card through which is possible to manage the existing balance on the current account. Non-cash settlement in all local, international merchants and on the Internet

Crop Card

Crop card is a plastic card with a pre-approved credit limit that allows purchasing of agricultural machinery and equipment in a wide range of Credo Bank's partner stores. The card can be operated only in Credo bank terminals.