The current account is necessary for any cash and non-cash operations.

With the current multi-currency account, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Currency exchanges
  • Money disposal without restriction
  • Transfer money from the current account in any direction
  • Transfer money to Credo Bank customers by a personal or account number via the online portal


Account currency  GEL, USD, EUR and other currencies 
Account opening  1 GEL

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In accordance with the Law of Georgia "On the Deposit Insurance System", from January 1, 2024, funds available in the deposit/account of all deposit holders, regardless of the number of deposits/accounts, is insured in each commercial bank and microbank and will be reimbursed by the Deposit Insurance Agency within the limit of 30,000 GEL. The funds in all accounts of all deposit holders in commercial banks and microbanks is automatically insured without any additional cost. For more information, see the website of the Deposit Insurance Agency: