Video Banking For Expats

For Expats

If you are a citizen of a foreign country, in Credo Bank you can enjoy various banking products and services with special conditions and column rates.

Open a multi-currency account in 15 minutes, within the expat package, only based on a passport (please fill in Excel file and send at the address - [email protected])

  • Expat Package - all services tailored to your daily life in one package, for 45 GEL per year
  • Mycredo internet and mobile bank, which can be used 24/7 even without mobile internet
  • Withdrawal of remittances both from Credo Bank cash desks and online through Mycredo internet and mobile banking and with the possibility of free withdrawal of money
  • Withdrawal of money without commission in GEL currency - from ATMs of Credo Bank
  • Special life insurance card "Insurance and More" - with services of highly qualified personal doctors and 24/7 consultation service, as well as discounts on medicines and medical procedures
  • Health insurance "PULSE" can be used with discount rates to cover the costs of outpatient services, as well as the purchase of medicines, dental or aesthetic services.
  • The use of the health insurance package "Saerto +" with even higher discount rates to cover the costs of medical procedures, as well as the purchase of medicines or aesthetic services
  • Possibility of financing with the best terms of consumer and business loans


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity, our Deposit promotion is still going strong!
Place any amount into Credo Bank’s account and open a new deposit to receive a high - GEL/USD/EUR interest rate. The Offer Ends on June 1, 2024!
Please refer to the provided link for information on nominal and effective interest rates.


Max Your Shopping Pleasure with Flexible Instalment Service! Get the freedom to split your payments over 12 months for up to 7000 GEL and relish the convenience of installment shopping at our partner stores.


Exclusive Offer! Until June 30th, activate "Pulse" or «Saerto»  health insurance and receive a 1-year "CREDO Rcheuli" package as our special gift.


Use Credo Bank's Remittances and Unlock Your Gateway to visit and relax in the most beautiful regions of Georgia. The promotion period is from April 1st, 2024, to June 30th, 2024. For further details and terms and conditions of the promotion, please refer to the link.


Telegram channel for foreign citizens link

Join and obtain complete information on banking services and products

Monday to Friday: 10:00-17:30

Saturday: 10:15-12:15

See the service centers of Credo Bank on the link

Expat service center:

  • N16 I. Chavchavadze Ave. Tbilisi;
  • N55 Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi;
  • N 6 K. Gamsakhurdia Street, Tbilisi
  • N1 Sh. Khimshiashvili Street, Batumi

For help, contact us : *4242 / 032 242 42 42


Если Вы являетесь гражданином иностранного государства, в Кредо Банке Вы можете пользоваться различными банковскими продуктами и сервисами с специальными условиями и льготными тарифами.

  • Откройте мультивалютный счет за 15 минут, в рамках экспат-пакета - (просим Вас, отправить заполненный эксел файл на следующий адрес - [email protected]) только на основании паспорта и грузинского номера телефона;
  • Пакет для экспатов - все услуги, адаптированные к вашей повседневной жизни в одном пакете, за 45 лари в год:
  • Mycredo интернет и мобайл банк, которым можно пользоваться 24/7 даже без мобильного интернета
  • Обналичивание денежных переводов как из касс Кредо Банка, так и онлайн через интернет и мобайл банк Mycredo и с возможностью бесплатного выноса/снятия денежных сумм
  • Обналичивание денежных сумм без комиссионных в валюте лари - в банкоматах Кредо Банк
  • Специальная карта страхования жизни «Страхование и многое другое» - с услугами высококвалифицированных личных/персональных врачей и с 24/7 консультационным сервисом, вместе с этим со скидками на медикаменты и медицинские процедуры
  • Медицинская страховка «ПУЛЬС» может быть использована со льготными тарифами для покрытия расходов на амбулаторные услуги, а также на приобретение лекарств, стоматологических или эстетических услуг.
  • Пользование пакетом медицинского страхования «Общий +» с тарифами с еще более большими скидками для покрытия расходов на медицинские процедуры, а также на приобретение медикаментов или покрытие расходов на эстетические сервисы.
  • Возможность финансирования потребительских и бизнес-кредитов  на наилучших условиях

Сервис-центры Кредо Банка см. по ссылке см. по ссылке


Telegram канал для иностранных граждан

Присоединяйтесь и получайте полную информацию о банковских услугах и продуктах.

С Понедельника по Пятницу: с 10:00 до 17:30

Суббота: 10:15-12:15


Специальное предложение Кредо Банка для экспатов - Посетите наши партнерские магазины, приобретите желаемую продукцию и воспользуйтесь рассрочки до 12 месяцев!
Эксклюзивное предложение! До 30 июня активируйте медицинскую страховку «Pulse» или «Saerto» и получите в подарок пакет «CREDO Rcheuli» сроком на 1 год.

Экспат сервис-центры:

  • Тбилиси, И. Чавчавадзе N16
  • Тбилиси, проспект Агмашенебели N55
  • Тбилиси, улица К. Гамсахурдия N6
  • Батуми, улица Шерифа Химшиашвили N1

Свяжитесь с нами для получения помощи: *4242 / 032 242 42 42


Deposit promotion Rates

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity, our Deposit promotion is still going strong!

Place any amount into Credo Bank’s account and open a new deposit to receive a high - GEL/USD/EUR interest rate.

The Offer Ends on June 1, 2024!

Please refer to the provided link for information on nominal and effective interest rates.


Updated features and terms of Mycredo Mobile Bank:

  • Money transfer to any bank account without commission
  • Add any Georgian bank card and make instant transfers to them
  • Paying utilities for free
  • Replenishment of mobile phone balance without commission
  • Conversion of the message into the desired currency at a special, best rate,
  • Also, automatic cashing of ZOLOTAYA KORONA by mobile number
  • Easily change ability of the main and additional numbers in the system


Features and terms of MyCredo Business mobile banking application

This powerful tool is now accessible for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

With MyCredo Business Mobile Bank, legal entities have the flexibility to manage their business operations efficiently, regardless of their location or time zone. This application is designed to be highly adaptable, offering the following features:

  • Simple Authorization: Streamlined login for quick access.
  • Product Details: View comprehensive information on your active products.
  • Transaction Management: Effortlessly oversee and track your financial transactions.
  • Signature Confirmation: Verify transfers and payments securely.
  • Template Creation: Create and manage templates for recurring transactions.
  • Cash Transactions: Perform various cash operations, including:
    • Transfer between your own accounts
    • Internal transfers within Credo Bank (including to Credo's technical account)
    • External transfers to other banks in Georgian Lari (₾)
    • Currency conversion at competitive rates
    • Treasury transfers
    • Utility bill payments
    • Mobile top-up

Additionally, you can stay updated with real-time exchange rates, locate our branches and ATMs on the map, get in touch with your preferred banker, or reach out to our customer support team directly.

Health Insurance Packages

Health Insurance - Puls

Package price  - 960 GEL

With Installments per month -  88 GEL

Policy Terms

Important Terms of Agreement

Definition of Terms



Health Insurance - Saerto

Package price  - 540 GEL

With Installments per month -  45 GEL


Health Insurance - Saerto+

Package price  - 1008 GEL

With Installments per month -  92 GEL


Пакеты медицинского страхования

Медицинская страховка - Pulse
Цена пакета 960 Lari
Для подробной информации: скачать файл
Толкование терминов
Важные условия договора
Перечень провайдеров

Медицинская страховка - Saerto
Цена пакета - 540 Lari
В случай рассрочки 45 Лари в месяц
Для подробной информации: скачать файл

Медицинская страховка - Saerto+
Цена пакета - 1008 Lari
В случай рассрочки 92 Лари в месяц
Для подробной информации: скачать файл

Email Banking Service

Credo Bank offers expat customers quick and easy access to e-mail banking services. The Service allows the customer to carry out transactions and receive relevant notifications.

To use the E-mail Banking service, you must have a personal e-mail address. To get the desired operation you need to send the request to - [email protected]

Advantages of the service:

  • Information about balance;
  • Information about loan debt;
  • Get the bank statement;
  • Get account details;
  • Loan statement;
  • Get a statement (about debts, and balances on the account);
  • Consultation (about products and operations);
  • Raise the ticket about a problem or concern;
  • Transfer money to your own account;
  • Transfer money to a third-party account both inside and outside of the bank;
  • Make a non-cash conversion;
  • Convert money (with the standard exchange rate);
  • Convert money (with the nonstandard exchange rate);
  • Pay a bill, mobile top-up, and other payments;
  • Cancel undesired transactions;
  • Open an additional account;
  • Open a deposit;
  • Add money to the deposit;
  • Deposit insurance;
  • Order a debit card;
  • Renew the debit card;
  • Block the debit card;
  • Request an overdraft limit;
  • Increase an overdraft limit;
  • Decrease an overdraft limit;
  • Cancel an overdraft limit;
  • Order a credit card;
  • Increate a credit card limit;
  • Decrease a credit card limit;
  • Cancel a credit card limit;
  • Request a loan;
  • Carry out partial or advance repayment of the loan;
  • Request a change in loan terms;
  • Purchase insurance products;
  • Cancel insurance products.
Mastercard Debit Card


Card currency GEL / USD / EURO
Service fee
One-time card service fee (in case of purchase in the Bank’s service center) 40 GEL
Card recovery (in case of loss, or damage) 10 GEL
Card validity period 4 GEL
Daily withdrawal/deposit limits
In CREDO Bank’s Service Centers  Unlimited
Through CREDO Bank’s ATMs 10,000 GEL
Through the ATMs of the partner banks connected to the UFC network (TBC, Halyk Bank Georgia)
In the Service Centers of the partner banks connected to the UFC network
Through other banks’ ATMs
In other banks’ Service Centers
Purchase limit 20,000 GEL
Limit of carrying out a transaction without a PIN code 100 GEL
Putting a card on the STOP List (blocking)
Local STOP List (any online transaction) Free
International STOP List (any online + offline transaction) 50 USD (per week, on each region)
Payment fee in trade and service centers  
In international centers Free
In local center Free
In the Internet Free
Withdrawal fee
In other banks’ Service Centers Partner bank tariff + 3% of the amount (min.8 GEL / 4 USD / 4 EUR)
CREDO Banks’ ATMs GEL - free;
USD - 0.3 %, min. 0.50 USD
UFC network Banks ATM’s (TBC, Halyk) GEL 0.2% (Min. 0.5Gel),
USD, EURO - 0.5 %, (min. 0.50 USD, 3 EUR
Other banks’ ATMs (Georgia)               2.5% of the amount, (Min. 7 GEL, 3 USD, 3 EUR)
Other banks’ ATMs (abroad)   3.5% of the amount, (Min. 12 GEL, 5 USD, 5 EUR)
Appealing an international card transaction  
International card transaction (chargeback) appeal fee Free
Security of card accounts
Access to high-risk facilities According to the client’s wishes
3D security services Free
Payment in public transport (payment of travel fare through a terminal)
Metro, buses and ropeway (only in the territory of Tbilisi Municipality) Standard fare
Additional services
Changing a PIN code (through an ATM) Free
PIN code recovery (when forgotten) Free

Mastercard Debit Card Conditions till 20.11.2023

Residence Permit and Grounds for Obtaining it

Residence Permit and Grounds for Obtaining it

Swift Transaction Instructions

Credo Bank provides a flexible and efficient international money transfer system (SWIFT) for USD and EUR currencies.

You can make transfers within the country or abroad from any Credo Bank service center in Georgia, benefiting from remarkably low commission rates.


For swift transactions in Credo bank please follow the instructions. Check instructions here

Cash-out remittances from Mycredo

Cash-out remittances from Mycredo remotely!


If the system gives you a message when cashing a ZOLOTAYA KORONA remittance remotely (it is impossible to receive the remittance in cash at the service center), you can apply to Credo Bank's expat (or standard) service centers to cash out the remittance, for more details, visit the ZOLOTAYA KORONA application or contact the ZOLOTAYA KORONA call center.

To remotely cash out Zalataya Korona remittance seamlessly, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not mention the recipient's father's name in the remit;
  • Ensure to include the recipient's phone number (with the +995 country code) is registered in Credo Bank.

Если при удаленном обналичивании денежного перевода в приложении “Залатая корона” система выдает сообщение (Перевод не может быть зачислен, Получите наложенным платежом в пунктах выдачи), вы можете обратиться в центры обслуживания экспатов (или в стандартные) Кредо Банка для обналичивания денежных средств. Более подробную информацию можете найти в приложении “Залатая корона” или в колл-центре “Залатая корона”.

Если вы хотите удаленно обналичить денежный перевод «Залатая Корона» без проблем, для этого:

  • Не упоминайте в денежный переводе имя отца получателя;
  • В переводе необходимо указать номер телефона получателя (с индексом +995), зарегистрированного в Кредо Банке.
Cross Border Fee for International Card Transactions

Starting June 1st, 2024, changes will take effect to the conditions of Credo Bank's banking services.

Specifically, for customers with foreign citizenship, whose transactions are made exclusively at POS terminals and ATMs outside of Georgia for one month, the Cross Border Fee will be activated - 10 GEL per month of stay abroad.

The fee will not be applied if:

- Within the same month, the customer's transactions are also recorded within the territory of Georgia

- A foreign citizen uses the "Credo Rcheuli" package

Check the terms and conditions file here

Mortgage Loan
  • Expats can obtain mortgage loans from Credo Bank in any of the desired currencies: GEL, USD, or EUR
  • For foreign citizens, it is possible to get a mortgage without need for income documentation or financial analysis.  The loan requires a 30% contribution from the borrower, with Credo Bank financing the remaining 70%

Buy a new car and experience quick and easy car financing with terms tailored just for you

  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Loan amount: up to 15,000 GEL
  • Term: up to 24 months
  • Based on financial analysis and documentation of income
  • Possibility of financing up to 75% of the cost

Visit the Credo Bank Expat service center of your choice and learn the detailed terms and conditions regarding the Auto Loan.


Expat entrepreneurs, elevate your start-up with Credo Bank! Open an account, register a terminal effortlessly, and secure a business loan designed just for you. Fast-track your success today!