Internet has simplified variety of processes, such as accessibility to information, utilizing distant services, social activities, and all of these have become integral aspects of our daily life.

Accelerating income through internet is yet another tool for the modern world. There are numerous opportunities, which makes it possible to gain additional income without making any expenditures, however accrued income might not always be significant. Nevertheless, there are plenty of exceptions, where determination can result into desired outputs. Frankly speaking, the Credo Bank offers to you a special application “Credo Partner”, which is at your service for aggregating desired income online.

Credo Partner is a mobile application, which empowers you to choose your preferred timing during the day for working, as well as your desired environment. All that it takes for working is a phone and internet, which opens up possibilities for aggregating additional income.

For accruing income, you shall:

  • Download application - Credo Partner
  • Proceed with a simple registration
  • Fill out an application indicating data of a customer willing to get a loan from the Credo Bank (a candidate shall not be existing user of the Credo Bank)
  • Applicant will receive approval on a product requested (you will be able to view status within your own application’s space)
  • Visit the Credo Bank’s desired service center no later than 1 month after registration, sign an application and open an account for accruing bonuses.

1 approved application = 10 GEL

Accrued bonus will be deposited to a customer’s personal account, prior to date 15 of each upcoming month.


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