For your information,  from any service center of Credo Bank throughout Georgia, it is now possible to perform international transfers in USD and EUR currencies, both within the country and abroad.


Physical and legal persons can enjoy a flexible and efficient transfer system.


Please note that currently, there are temporary restrictions on executing international transfers for citizens of Russia and Belarus


For more information on the rates, see the table:

Transfer in foreign currency Standard
(Natural Person / Legal Entity)
(Natural Person / Legal Entity)
Outside the system of Credo Bank ** -  USD 0.2% of the amount (min. 15 USD) 10 USD
Outside the system of Credo Bank ** -  EUR and other currencies 0.15% of the amount (min. 13 EUR) 10 EUR
** If client pays additional commission of 35 USD / 20 EUR, beneficiary will receive total amount of the transfer. Otherwise, charges of the intermediary bank(s) will be deducted from the transferred amount.