Credo Bank’s Chat Bot is a service, which empowers clients to undertake simple and prompt banking operations, through a very well-known Viber platform.

The Bot empowers users to instantly undertake the following actions:

  • Verify personal information and financial indicators;
  • Transfer money to personal accounts;
  • Undertake currency conversions;
  • Transfer money to another account within the Credo Bank;
  • Top up mobile phone balance;
  • Demand and receive a loan online;
  • Pay utilities (parking and fines, internet and TV, electricity, gas, water, cleaning, leisure and etc.).

Viber Bot can be activated as soon as you:

  • Become friend with the Credo Bank’s Viber Bot
  • Undertake authorization through Mycredo’s username and password;
  • Develop a PIN for future correspondence.

The Bot will instantly complete your command in shortest time and upon completing a conversation will automatically log out from the account.

If you use stickers to express emotions while talking with friends, Credo Bank offers you exciting range of Georgian fun stickers, which is affordable for free in Viber stickers market.


Become friends with the Credo Bank’s Viber Bot


Express emotions via stickers