Credo Bank offers the possibility of conveniently collecting money from Mycredo.
You need to be a Mycredo Mobile Bank user, or simply register, go through authorization, choose to collect money on the financial assistant page and fill in the information field:
  • Upload a photo
  • Recommended amount
  • Name
  • Specifying an existing account/opening a new account
After specifying the information listed above, the fundraising initiative is registered, which means that the created link can be shared by any means, on social networks, in private or public correspondence, to the desired audience, for the desired purpose, no matter what the purpose of fundraising is, for a wedding, for travel, gathering of friends, charity, party, birthday, excursion and many more.
After opening the shared link, any user can see:
  • Photo
  • Organizer
  • Name - for what purpose the money is collected
  • Total amount
  • Recommended amount of deposit
  • Amount field
  • Two transfer options:
    • Mobile bank transfer - if the user has a Mycredo mobile bank
    • Card enrollment - with any other Georgian bank card
  • Transactions - the amount of transactions carried out within the initiative and the initials of the participants of the donation.
The fundraising organizer can see the money received in the initiatives already created on the fundraising page in Mycredo.